About Katrina

I’m a writer and roller derby athlete based out of New Hampshire.

My writing has appeared in several roller derby websites & publications, including Derby Central, Derby Life, and the book Derby Life: A Crash Course in the Incredible Sport of Roller Derby.

This blog

This blog is an excuse to write about what I actually want to – weird life observations, playing roller derby, reading books, and complaining about things.

Roller derby background

I first started playing in the summer of 2008 on the now-defunct team ManchVegas Roller Girls, followed by a short stint with a league called Roller Derby Manchester. Then in 2012 I transferred to New Hampshire Roller Derby (my first WFTDA league) where I played on their home team, the Nightmares on Elm Street, for one season, and charter team, Skate Free or Die, for two seasons.

I currently play for Boston Roller Derby. My home team is the Wicked Pissahs (I play under the name Anita Pierogi). I also play for their charter team, the Boston Massacre, under my legal name, Swirko.

I most recently made Team Poland, and will be representing the motherland at the Roller Derby World Cup in February 2018.

With NHRD (Photo by Danforth Johnson, 2014